Kuta Bali,

Komplek Pertokoan Dewa Ruci
Jl. Sunset Boulevard Simpang Siur A.1
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Tel : +62 361 76 71 71 / 766 744
email: rebornkutabali@yahoo.com

Business Hours
10AM - 12:00 AM (Open daily)

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Special Service:

Warmest Greetings from REBORN Healthcare Kuta Bali !

REBORN is a family concept health treatment centre, the healing from nature where people can relieve stress and reduce tiredness after doing daily routines. It is a pleasure for us to introduce a REBORN Healthcare Authentic Foot Reflexology & “Tui Na” Therapeutic Massage presents in Bali since year of 2008 as a 21st REBORN Malaysia's branches, which located at Jl. Sunset Simpang Siur, Block A.1, Kuta Bali. REBORN Kuta BaLi has just expanded more rooms behind the former REBORN's Main Building.

• Authentic Foot Reflexology
• Authentic Therapeutic Massage ("Tui Na", Balinese, Acupressure & Shiatsu)
• Aroma Therapy Scrubbing, for lifting the death skin up
• Chief Therapist Treatment for muscles problem reason
• Ba Guan / Cupping for trapped winds reason using cups & absorber tools
• Gua Sha / Scrapping for trapped winds reason using horn tools
• Aroma Ear Candling for absorbing toxins (solid, liquid & gas)

Special Offers :
SUPER HAPPY HOUR 40% off (10AM - 2PM daily)
 4 Optional Treatments :
   120mins Tui Na Therapeutic Massage
   90mins Tui Na Therapeutic Massage & 30mins Aroma Scrubbing
   60mins Authentic Foot Reflexology & 60mins Balinese Massage
   90mins Authentic Foot Reflexology & 30mins Neck, Shoulder Massage

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